About Us

Psychrapy is a group started by Mr Vishwa Bandhu (a retired and consulting engineer) to promote home-based health care without compromising the quality. Psychrapy focuses on preventive measures and cures for medical and psychological issues at home through the concept of TELE-HEALTH CARE and HOME VISITS.

Although Psychrapy does not replace the need for emergency services, if arise, it ensures the professional guidance and treatment for all the non-emergency situations at the primary care level.

Our health professionals have experience in working at hospitals like A.I.I.M.S, GB Pant, Lok Nayak, Medanta along with experience at the USA based hospitals. Their professional experience and expertise ensure quality and professional approach in dealing with emotional issues, mental illness, physical illness.

The team at PSYCHRAPY provide both awareness and proper management to prevent any complication from developing from a simple curable illness.

We deliver our services under the guidance of :

Dr Sukhdev S Soni, a retired Senior oncologist in U.S.A and
Dr Sabiha N Khan, Senior clinical psychologist consultant.

From medication to meditation, We deal with all kinds of general disease and mental issues to help patients in coping with their problems, symptoms and situations.

Our services include the following but not limited to :-

  • Health awareness from children to the elderly.
  • Diet management.
  • Patient’s assessment for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling for all kinds of psychological issues.
  • Management of diseases with and without medicines.
  • Yoga and meditation along with lifestyle improvement.
  • Exercise and diet plans.
  • Regular body check ups.