Terms & Conditions

Psychrapy has the following terms and conditions based on the company policies

You acknowledge the PSYCHRAPY terms and condition



Please make sure you do not want:

— Emergency services.

— Gynecology and pregnancy-related services.

— Management and treatment for less than 5-year age group children.

— Major medical procedures at home.

— Electric shock treatment at home.

— Specialized eye-related treatments

Although, A second opinion is available on the above services


Please acknowledge that you want:


—Psychological treatment and counseling to cancer patients but not a specialized medical treatment

for cancer patients.

—Management for the outpatient department (OPD) like services at home.

—A second opinion on reports and treatment only and does not want complete hospital in-patient


You acknowledge that we provide management, treatment, and guidance for all psychological issues, non-emergency medical issues, dietician and fitness services.

Our plans and management are most effective when done in our team’s supervision and not unsupervised.



Only 50% of the booking amount will be refundable.

No extra charges for rescheduling the appointment.

Please acknowledge that our doctors and psychologist remain occupied due to advance appointments so we cannot guarantee that you would get preferred date and time on rescheduling but we will try our best to reschedule to your desired date and time.




For psychological sessions and fitness trainer, we do not guarantee same day appointment as same day appointment may not be available due to advance bookings

We book appointments up to 4 days in advance for psychology and fitness consultation.

For physician appointment, Home visits may not be available on the same day but telephonic and video consultation appointments may be available.

This Agreement is personal to you and may not be transferred to another person.

By filling the information you have opted in to permit us to use your email address for further communications. You may opt out at any point in time.

This Agreement is personal to you and may not be transferred to another person.